July 7, 2022
Logistics delivery

Regardless of the reason, knowing a good way how to ship textbooks can be problematic on any number of associated fronts, and result in extreme costs that can mount quickly for those with little experience in the subject. Due to the size and weight of a dozen or so textbooks, shipping can quickly become a nightmare while searching for the best possible way to transport the books to the desired location while taking financial aspects into consideration. Added to this is how to package textbooks properly to avoid damage and how to ensure that in the instance of loss compensation will be swift and relatively painless. While all of this may sound difficult and stressful there is a simple solution that can resolve all shipping issues quickly and at a reasonable price – the United States Postal Service.

The United States Postal Service offers services to ship textbooks via “Media Mail” which allows an individual to ship a package of textbooks to just about any location at a nominal fee. For example, an individual can ship a 70 pound box of textbooks from New York City to Los Angeles that is 18 inches by 18 inches by 18 inches for a base cost of only $29.99. The package will arrive in about 7 days and a sender has a number of options such as insurance, delivery confirmation or the USPS can even collect for sold textbooks on delivery for a small additional charge. This information is available on the USPS website and is by far the best way to ship textbooks.

To ship textbooks simply obtain a sturdy cardboard box (the Postal Service offers these also) that will hold the weight of the textbooks to be shipped securely. Wrap your textbooks inside of strong paper in blocks of three books (brown paper shopping bags work great) until all of your textbooks are wrapped. Line the inside of your shipping box with a thick layer of bubble wrap and then pack your textbooks tightly inside, filling in any gaps with bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Close the box containing your textbooks and use a liberal amount of strong tape to reinforce the box corners and seal the box flaps. It is important to make certain when you ship textbooks to address the box properly with the correct address and zip code, and write in easy to read print using ink or marker that is water resistant. A quick trip to the post office and you can usually wrap and ship textbooks in under an hour with no problems.

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