July 7, 2022
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What do you look at in a product while buying a product? Do you directly buy an item without noticing the description of the product? No, all of us go through the product description which is either stuck on the tag or printed on the product itself. Expiration date, manufacturing date, batch number as well as some other codes are there on the tags.

They help us to identify and choose the right product for us. But when we go to the counter and check out, does the cashier check for the prices all by themselves? And if not then how do they come to know about the prices of the products? For that, they use something called a barcode reader, the one which is used commonly is known as a handheld barcode reader เครื่องอ่านบาร์โค้ดมือถือ. Let us know about in further in this article.

What does a barcode reader do and how does a scanner work?

A barcode consists of alternate bars in black and spaces between them. This is available in many different forms; long and short, etc. You won’t find any barcodes with different colors like green, red, blue, etc.

These barcodes are present on all the products available in the market. These codes contain all the information about the product. The cashier uses the scanner to scan the codes.

The scanner is a barcode scanner that has a red light that scans the code and interprets the information on the computer. Thus billing becomes easier as the information is not to be added individually. The handheld barcode reader เครื่องอ่านบาร์โค้ดมือถือ is useful because of the mobility and accessibility it offers.